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When Government Regulations Prohibit Hair Cuts for the Homeless

The value of licensing boards for doctors, nurses and lawyers is obvious, but for professions like cosmetology, the need for a licensing board is more surprising. So when a man in Arizona was investigated by the cosmetology board for helping the homeless by providing free haircuts, many were confused.

On Bold TV’s Opportunity Lives segment on Feb. 24, Carrie Sheffield and Clay Aiken spoke to the digital director of Opportunity Lives, Shoshana Weissmann, via Skype to discuss her article “Republican Governor Overrules Board, Paves Way for Homeless to Receive Haircuts.”

Shoshana explained:

“In this case, Juan Carlos Montesdeoca was a cosmetology student. He was once homeless, so he decided to give back in a really specific way by just trying to give haircuts to the homeless. But the cosmetology board in Arizona was like ‘No, you don’t have a license.’ So they went after him.”

When Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey heard the story, he stepped in to end the investigation into Juan Carlos and had the cosmetology board waive any fees or penalties they were considering against him.

In an interview with Shoshana at CPAC, Ducey said, “I’m someone who believes these rules exist for a reason. [The government] shouldn’t be there to harm the citizen, it should be there to protect individual liberties.”

Shoshana said this situation is frustrating, especially considering that moms with “bowls and scissors” give their children haircuts all the time — although not necessarily well, she added.

Another instance of licensing boards preventing a job or good deed involved a woman in Louisiana who was trying to get a floral license. After her husband passed away, this woman was left to support herself and tried to get a job arranging flowers.

“It was like ‘American Idol’ for floral,” Carrie said about the difficulty procuring a floral license.

“Occupational licensing isn’t very sexy, but when you talk about the real people it hurts, your heart just melts for them,” Shoshana said.

Watch the full clip on Bold TV’s Facebook page.


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