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‘Shark Tank’ Investor Talks Co-Working Space for Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Carrie Sheffield sat down with investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Daymond John, for a Salon Talk on Feb. 15. Founder of FUBU, Daymond opened up about the launch of his newest business, Blueprint & Co., a co-working space dedicated to more established entrepreneurs.

Daymond said,

“[If] you’re a start-up and you are [in Blueprint & Co.] it’s because you already have a back, you already have a Daymond John backing, and you’ve already got a capital firming backing you.”

Blueprint & Co. is a similar idea to office areas such as WeWork, where companies can find their footing in an established co-working space. The difference is that Blueprint & Co. brings together more experienced entrepreneurs who may be inexperienced in other specific areas.

“I don’t know everything about computer packaging goods, lotions, so I go in there and I start to learn and talk to a lot of different people,” Daymond said. This is particularly beneficial after a season of “Shark Tank,” where Daymond often walks off the show with 15 different investments. At Blueprint & Co., he can learn more about how to make these investments successful in a like-minded environment.

“As a ‘Shark’ and someone who has a little bit more business experience, I want to be around other people that don’t need to learn the fundamentals of business, whether it’s what’s a trademark or how to get bigger distribution,” Daymond said. “We need to learn what’s going on today and how we can apply that to our business.”

Watch the Salon Talk on Salon’s Facebook page.


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