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Jimmy McMillan Tells Us to Give Trump a Chance

Donald Trump kicked off February by hosting a panel recognizing Black History Month and opening up a dialogue about ways to improve inner cities. But is the President ready to be a part of this progress?

On Bold TV on Feb. 3, Clay Aiken and Carrie Sheffield welcomed back founder of “The Rent Is Too Damn High” Jimmy McMillan asked for his thoughts on Trump’s “listening session.” Jimmy advised people not to discredit the President’s efforts when it comes to improving race relations.

“[Trump] said he wants to learn. He wants to be a part of the discussion,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy continued to talk about how he wishes John Lewis “hadn’t backed out” of his relationship with Trump to help continue the conversation about race with the new administration in America. A civil rights icon, Lewis said earlier this year in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he does not consider Trump to be “a legitimate president.”

But Jimmy thinks that people shouldn’t be too critical of Trump. “We need to continue this movement that Martin Luther King started,” Jimmy said.

During his panel discussion on Feb. 1, Trump began with a statement recognizing the importance of the impact of people like Martin Luther King Jr. and the “tremendous history” of African Americans. He also stated that improvements in inner cities begin with better schools, more jobs and better wages:

“Don’t be too critical of Donald Trump. [He] can change his mind. If the right person gets in there, Donald Trump can have a change of heart.”


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