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Bold TV: Israel Ortega talks Betsy DeVos and National School Choice Week

This past week, 22,000 events were held for National School Choice Week as a way to shine a spotlight on the need for more school choice. With President Donald Trump announcing Betsy DeVos as his nomination for Education Secretary, Israel Ortega from Opportunity Lives is feeling increasingly optimistic about school choice.

Izzy joined us to talk about how school choice will empower government to do more for education. School choice gives the options of charter schools and even vouchers for private schools for children in the traditional public school system. With children “trapped” in failing schools, school choice opens other options and empowers parents to do what is best for their child.

When Israel was in Washington D.C. at a National School Choice event, he talked to many parents who said that these children can’t wait anymore, that they need other educational options. Opportunity Lives wants to help families like these and work towards finding solutions.

This ties in perfectly with Opportunity Lives’ new project, Solutions Studio. This is a platform “featuring all the information you need on the solutions that are being developed and enacted around the country to make government work better.” The education section of the site works to determine the state of our education system, said Israel. It discusses what ideas are floating around that could increase educational options for parents. It presents problems with the education system, where the U.S. is currently, and possible solutions. The site wants to empower parents to choose education.


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