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Even more terrifying than the ghost threatening to catch your heels as you run up the stairs of your basement

Similar to the dead souls that glide through the halls of your house at night, the G.O.S.T. outline ruins your sleep and threatens your sanity. Just like the goosebumps and cold shivers a ghost might give you that can stop you from opening that door at the end of the hallway–one that might ultimately lead you to new discoveries beyond your wildest imagination–the daunting task of writing a public relations outline that sets out your goals, objectives, strategies and tactics can dissuade you from creating a model that can propel your client towards success.

But never fear, sometimes that G.O.S.T. turns out to be Casper.

Now I realize that while I am on my very first G.O.S.T. outline, my words might not hold much weight; however, I feel like I have better perspective because I have no previous bad experiences with this G.O.S.T. Throughout the process of creating my first G.O.S.T. outline for an event for the Manteno Chamber of Commerce, I have been viewing the G.O.S.T. outline similarly to how I view speechwriting: write a thesis (goals), group and label your ideas, come up with your main points (in this case, objectives), and plug in your research with strategies and tactics.

ALWAYS make sure your tactics and strategies align with the objectives they fall under and that your objectives align with your ultimate goal.

Just like presenting a speech (or hunting down a ghost), you can’t go into it without action planning. Action planning ties into G.O.S.T. outlining by laying out everything that needs to be planned or what action needs to take place for your client’s event to be successful. You have to create the “Who,” “What,” “When,” “Where” and eventually “How” of your plan, otherwise you will be looking for your ghost in all the wrong places.

Although terribly elusive at first, your G.O.S.T. will be brought into the light of day and confronted–just don’t give it power over you or you might never get a decent night of sleep again.



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